Nibelungenstr. 87 D-23562, Lübeck, Germany

Caen Hands-On Face And Nose Aesthetic Surgery Dissection 2023

Université de Caen Université de Caen - Pole des Formations et de Recherche en Santé, Laboratoire d’anatomie, 2 rue des Rochambelles, Caen, France

FACE AND NOSE AESTHETIC SURGERY STEP BY STEP DISSECTION Caen, FRANCE, 2023 A three-day full immersion applied anatomy on anatomic specimen. Step by step anatomical demonstration will be followed by hands-on dissection at each step to privilege practice. FACULTY Dr Yves SABAN (France) Dr Vincent PATRON (France) Dr Alwyn D’SOUZA (United Kingdom); Dr Guillaume CARLES (France) Dr Olivier GERBAULT (France)…

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