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Claus Walter

When Tony Bull passed away in April 2016 ,Claus Walter sent a handwritten letter to all members of the Academy. In that letter he mentioned the name of Air Vice Marshall Manus Moran, who had intoduced him to Tony Bull. To most of the members that was a mysterious name. In 1981 I worked in the clinic of Claus Walter in Düsseldorf, and I am a member of the Academy eversince. But I also did not know him.

So I looked him up in an old Directory from 2001 and just phoned the number. I was very surprised to hear his voice loud and clear! He agreed that I would come along to interview him. So I flew from Amsterdam to meet him a few days ago in his home near Swindon. Although he has reached the age of 91, he was alive and kicking.

His wife Maureen had already prepared a beautiful four- course lunch and we drank a cooled bottle of dry Mosel wine with it. He explained that he was in the Royal Air Force as an ENT doctor and stationed at Wegberg near Düsseldorf where he met Claus Walter. They became close friends and in 1991 he invited Claus over to England to give a lecture about his work. He handed over to me a video about the lecture, in which he gives a clear introduction of Claus before he spoke.

This video is of big historical interest to all members of the EAFPS, because not only do we see Claus as we always knew him, but also the mystery of the Air Vice Marshall Manus Moran has been cleared now.

I made a short video of him for the website too.

Jan de Jong, Woerden – Holland

DGMS Lecture

February 14, 1991

Interview of Air Vice Marshall Manus Moran by Jan de Jong

May 18th, 2018

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