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Approximately 2 years ago the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS) initiated an International Observership Candidate Programme for best plastic surgeons. Here is the handbook for this programme.

Encouraging just the practise

The EAFPS Observership Programme is defined as a period of 1-4 weeks, during which observation and training in clinical management and surgery is offered. It is important to understand that a working visit is distinct from a fellowship training programme in facial plastic surgery. The candidate who wishes to do an observership needs to get in touch with the center of their choice directly. However, an Observership Programme Certificate is provided that adds value to the fellowship application process.

IFFPSS Recognized Observership

Candidates wishing to be considered for an IFFPSS recognised observership apply through the IFFPSS website and if accepted then apply to an IFFPSS Observership Preceptor, selected from the Observership Handbook. Here is the application for this programme.

Learning from the Best Plastic Surgeons

The Observership Preceptors are recognised authorities in the teaching and practice of facial plastic surgery. They are formally affiliated with an accredited postgraduate medical training program. A description of each Observership Preceptor’s practice and areas of expertise is included in the International Observership Handbook. Preceptors are required to provide access to appropriate educational materials, i.e. books, videotapes, as part of their training program.

Definition of an Observership Preceptor

An Observership Preceptor is the one and only Director of the program who provides the majority of the fellow’s exposure and is responsible for all administrative tasks and decisions regarding the observership.

More Information

Here, you can find more information about Observerships (03.03.2023)

Applications for the Role of Observership Program Preceptor

It is with pleasure that the EAFPS invites submission of applications for the role of Observer Programme Preceptor. Please kindly submit your application with the information you would like to appear in the Observership Handbook. Please also confirm you can provide the educational material required. The EAFPS board will then review all the applications at the Next  IFFPSS Congress and make recommendation to the IFFPSS. Please submit your applications to to learn from the best plastic surgeons.

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