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European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Committee of Education

Due to the increasing European demand of high quality standards in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, the EAFPS continuously strives to enhance the education program. Since 2017 we offer our members 3 different training programs. Construct your own specific training program using the lists of training centers below.  Since 2020 each completed training program is awarded with an official EAFPS certificate.

Diego Arancibia
Director of the EAFPS Fellowship Committee
Kristian Hutson

A. Fellowship training program

A fellowship program in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a period of hands-on surgical training and observation with a duration of at least 12 months. After completing the fellowship, the fellow is expected to sit the Board exam in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, leading to Board certification. Before contacting the Fellowship Committee, please ensure you meet the mandatory requirements for a fellowship and strictly follow the application process, which is explained in the links provided below.

A.1. Fellowship Applicants

A.1.1. General rules and guidelines for a fellowship
A.1.2. How to apply for an officially certified EAFPS fellowship
A.1.3. Fellowship in-training evaluation form (6 and 12 months)
A.1.4. Fellowship in-training operative log

A.2. Fellowship Directors

A.2.1. How to apply as a training center
A.2.2. Fellowship guidelines for mentors

A.3. Fellowship Training Centers

A.3.1. Fellowship Training Centers (Updated on 09.01.2024)

B. Observership Programme

The EAFPS Observership Program is defined as a period of 1-4 weeks, during which observation and training in clinical management and surgery is offered. It is important to understand that a working visit is distinct from a fellowship training program in facial plastic surgery. However, an Observership Program Certificate is provided that adds value to the fellowship application process.

A candidate may apply to more than one EAFPS Observership Programs in different centres: The centres are listed below.

Adrian M Agius
Fazil Apaydin
Lionel Azan
Mehran Baghi
Natarajan Balaji
Manuel Tomás Barberán
Christoph Bergmann
Armando Boccieri
Can Alper Çağıcı
Ozcan Cakmak
Cemal Cingi
Frank R. Datema
Nicolas Dulguerov
Holger G. Gassner
Alessandro Gennai
Pier Giorgio Giacomini
Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira
Emre İlhan
Koen Engels
Anil Joshi
Peter JFM Lohuis / Boris Filipović
Dirk Jan Menger,
Eduardo Morera Serna
Pablo Muñoz-Cariñanos
J. Carlos Neves
Diogo Oliveira e Carmo
Vasilios Pavlidelis
Ullas Raghavan
Raffaele Rauso
Frank Riedel / Gregor Bran
Oliver Rodriguez-Recio Canga
Yves Saban
Daniel B Saleh
C.H.M Stengs / I. van Rooy
Eren Taştan
Hade D. Vuyk
Capi Wever
Taşkin Yücel
Shay Izhak Duvdevani *
Mazen Hammoud *
Peter Ku
Gert Jeunen

EAFPS Observership Programme Trainers (Updated on 2023-03-03)


C. International Fellowship training program:

EAFPS Fellowship Questionnaire

Our physicians who want to apply for the EAFPS fellowship will be able to find answers to their questions directly from the Fellowship Managers on this form.

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