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Following extensive discussion, the EAFPS executive board (EB) has decided to offer fellowship training to international graduates, provided the following criteria are met.

  1. The first preference for the choice of fellowship center is offered to EU applicants from core countries of EAFPS.
  2. Any center that is not occupied in accordance with the above process may be offered to International fellows (IF). The selection criteria for international fellows is similar to the one applied to EU applicants (see the “EAFPS Programme”).
  3. The IF should hold Medical registration status or authorisation through other means to perform hands on clinical work in the country where they will be undertaking the fellowship before commencing the fellowship programme. This allows for active assistance in procedures. If this criterion is not met, the fellowship director must make arrangements for IF to assist in procedures in accordance with their local rules. If the candidate cannot join actively in surgeries even by assisting, the post is classed as an “Observer and not a Fellowship”.
  4. All IF must apply through the EAFPS fellowship program. The FD has the obligation to ensure adequate training in keeping with EAFPS standards.  All fellows should have at least 2 assessments 6 months apart outlining their progress. This assessment should be copied to the fellowship committee.
  5. IF are not funded by the EAFPS.
  6. Although fellows do get a completion certificate once they complete their programme, they are expected to take up Board examination in Facial Plastic Surgery which will then lead to Board certification.

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