Nibelungenstr. 87 D-23562, Lübeck, Germany
Dear Friends,

We hope that you are having great summer. As you know we will hopefully be seeing each other in Amsterdam next month during the EAFPS Annual Meeting. Please find below the agenda of this meeting.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam and your participation to the General Assembly.

Amsterdam, 20th September 2019 , 18:00 – 19:30

  • President´s address: Apaydin
    • Introduction: Where are we?
    • Video library
    • Patient information videos, brochures
    • UEMS-ENT
  • President-elect: Saleh
    • By-laws
    • EAFPS Juniors
  • General Secretary: D’Souza
    • Changing headquarters of EAFPS
  • Treasury report: Neves
    • Financial report
    • Increase of the membership fee
    • Fellowship funding
  • Fellowship report: Datema
  • Journal Report: D’Souza, Heppt
  • Annual meetings: Menger-Amsterdam, 2019; Krawczynski-Lodz, 2020: Saban-Nice, 2021,
  • Media committee: Riedel
    • Website: Apaydin
    • Social media: Kayabasoglu
    • Newsletter: Wagner
  • Focus group reports
    • Rhinoplasty: Menger-Saleh
    • Rejuvenation: Cakmak
    • Reconstruction: Faris
    • Auricular Surgery: Magritz
    • Oculoplastic: Neves
    • Surgical Anatomy: Saban
    • Outcomes in FPS: Shandilya
  • Committees
    • History: de Jong
    • International Relations: Palma
    • Women in FPS: Vasilenko
    • EAFPS Juniors: Samit Unadkat
  • European Board report:
  • National delegate reports
  • Announcement of online voting results for the executive board positions
  • Elections for vacant positions in the governance structure
  • Varia

Best regards,
Fazil Apaydin, President
Hesham Saleh, President-elect
Alwyn D’Souza, General secretary
Carlos Neves, Treasurer


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