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Dong Hak Jung, MD, PhD has been selected as the honorary member of EAFPS for his great contributions to facial plastic surgery in South Korea and in Far East more than three decades. He has recently (24-25 February 2018) organized his 21st annual rhinoplasty meeting in cooperation with Inha and Yonsei University. He is very well known as the father of rhinoplasty in South Korea and Far East. As the members of the executive board of EAFPS, we are very honored and delighted to have him as our honorary member.


6F, Seocho Hyundai Tower
1319-13, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu,
Seoul, Korea
Tel +82-2- 523-3222
Fax +82-523- 3235
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E-mail rhinojdh@hotmail.comSpecialty
Rhinoplasty (facial plasty and reconstructive surgery of otolaryngology)
– More than 25,000 Cases

Can speak Korean (native), Japanese (advance), English (advance), Chinese (advance)

Medical license, Seoul Korea, 1990
Member, Korean Board of Otolaryngology
Member, Korean Rhinology
Member, American Academy of Facial Plasty and Reconstructive Surgery
Member, International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
Editor, Journal of Chinese Plastic Surgery

M.D. Medicine
Yonsei Wonju University medical college 1990
Master degree in Rhinology
Yonsei University 1996
PhD. In Rhinology
Dissertation title ; Anatomic Structures of External the Nose
Inha University 2000

Position Held
Visiting Professor of Yonsei University
Visiting Professor of Inha University
President of ASACS (Asian Society of Asian Cosmetic Surgery)
Director of Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic

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Fazil Apaydin
Hesham Saleh
Alwyn D’Souza
Jose Carlos Neves

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