Dear Colleagues,

On the 11th of March, the Executive Board arranged a brainstorming meeting for the EAFPS with the Directors of Boards, Chairs of Focus Groups, members of some Committees and some National Delegates. As some of you may remember, the Academy used to have brainstorming meetings in Stresa organized by Pietro Palma . There were 32 delegates who participated in this one-day very intensive event. It was a very fruitful meeting in many aspects.

  1. The current state  in the Academy and what has been achieved during the last 6 months were presented to all the participants by the Executive Board. Important matters such as the proposed update to our bylaws have also been discussed.
  2. The new organization of the EAFPS was introduced to the participants. In summary, we have expanded the Focus Groups to a wider level with valuable members who will contribute better to the benefit of all our members. We established new committees such as Surgical Anatomy and History Committees. Please visit the website for the details which will be published in two weeks with the entry of the new website.
  3. The new website prepared by the chairman of the website committee, Dr.Alain Tenenbaum from Switzerland, was presented. He is the webmaster who built everything during the last 2 months. We were all very impressed by this knowledge and skills in creating the new website. It is now ready and will be available to you in 2 weeks after some testing.
  4. We did not forget our patients. All the participants prepared 2 short video clips to inform our patients on various facial plastic topics. All these videos will be available in our website in 2 weeks.
  5. The Media and Education Committees, the Rhinoplasty Focus groups were involved in group studies to bring new ideas that will help to our members and patients.
  6. The live surgery broadcast was very well followed by our members from all over the world. The details were shared with the participants. The next broadcasts will be on the 7th (rhinoplasty dissection) and 8th(Dissection of the face for facial rejuvenation procedures) of April.

Best regards,

Fazil Apaydin
Hesham Saleh
Alwyn D’Souza
Jose Carlos Neves

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