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Joint Panel Of EAFPS And RSE In Bergamo…

Joint panel of EAFPS and RSE in Bergamo…

In recent months, there is mutual respect and desire to cooperate between the EB members of EAFPS and RSE.

Although both societies accept members from otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons, the majority of the members of EAFPS are ENTs and for RSE plastic surgeons.

On the 14th of March, representatives from both societies came together in a panel during the 6th Annual RSE meeting in Bergamo for the first time.

The panel “Tricks in revision rhinoplasty” was moderated by Fazil Apaydin and Nazim Cerkes as the presidents of both societies.

From EAFPS side, Hesham Saleh, Carlos Neves and Dirk Jan Menger were the panelists; from the RSE side, Enrico Robotti, Werner Heppt and Hossam Fodawere the panelists.

It was a very fruitful experience with the participation of approximately 300 colleagues as audience.

A similar panel will be held in Regensburg during the annual meeting of EAFPS. We look forward to having productive cooperation with RSE in the future.

Musa Werry

Musa Werry - Webmaster

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