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After Surgery: Basic Infos for the Patients
Before Surgery: Basic Infos for the Patient

What are the types of facelift surgery?

Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery


Management of prominent or Bat Ears

Brow Lift

Head & Neck Reconstruction

Facial paralysis, periocular treatment

Facial paralysis, nerve transfer

Migraine Surgery

YOUnique Rhinoplasty: Introduction

YOUnique Rhinoplasty: Presentation

Tips and Tricks for a Safe Recovery after Rhinoplasty

Recovery after rhinoplasty

Mid Vault Restoration Following Hump Removal
Nose Lip Adjustments during Rhinoplasty

Preservation Rhinoplasty

Is thick nasal skin a contraindication for rhinoplasty?

Which skin type is best for Rhinoplasty?

Septal perforation, can it be repaired?
Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty

what is secondary cleft rhinoplasty?

Interview with Dr.Eugene Tardy
Skin Care: From Topical to Resurfacing

EAFPS Delegates: Javier Galindo
Javier Galindo by Social Medias in Facial Plastic Surgery
EAFPS Delegates: Anil Joshi
Basic Assessment for Rhinoplasty / Septorhinoplasty Surgery
Management of Prominent or Bat Ears
Facial Paralysis, Nerve -Transfer
How is facelift surgery performed?
EAFPS Delegates: Süreyya Şelendir
Which cartilages are used in revision rhinoplasty?
Rib Cartilage Harvest in Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Facial Aging and Rejuvanation
EAFPS Delegates: Tevfik Sözen
How do Preoperative Consultations Affect the Results in Rhinoplasty?
What is Osteotomy?
EAFPS Delegates: Emre İlhan
EAFPS Delegates: Gustavo Suarez
EAFPS Delegates: Nicolas Dulguerov
Emerging Trends in the Aesthetics of Rhinoplasty. What Women Want?
EAFPS Delegates: Irina Vasilenko
Periorbital Rejuvenation
Lip Rejuvenation
Lasers for the Face
EAFPS Delegates: Alwyn D’Souza
EAFPS Delegates: Özcan Çakmak
Nose-Lip Adjustments During Rhinoplasty
EAFPS Delegates: Carlos Neves
EAFPS Delegates: Boris Filipovic
Trends in Rhinoplasty from Aesthetic Viewpoint
EAFPS Delegates: Abdulkadir Goksel
EAFPS Delegates: Eduardo Morera Serna
EAFPS Delegates: Frank Datema
EAFPS Delegates: Frank Riedel
Who Needs Surgery for the Base of the Nose?
Closed Rhinoplasty for Refining the Tip
EAFPS Delegates: Hesham Saleh
Functional Aspect of Rhinoplasty
EAFPS Delegates: Michal Krawczynski
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
EAFPS Delegates: Pablo Casas Rodera
Use of Botox at Face, Myths and Facts
EAFPS Delegates: Taşkın Yücel
Medical Rhinoplasty by Chemical Myoplasty (Endopeel)
Medium Third and Lower Third of the Face 3D Isovolumetric Tissue Repositioning
EAFPS Delegates: Alain Tenenbaum
EAFPS Delegates: Yves Saban
What Is A Nasal Drooping Tip?
Problems Of Nasal Trauma
EAFPS Delegates: Pier Giorgio Giacomini
Causes Of Nasal Obstruction After Rhinoplasty
What Is A Pollybeak Deformity?
EAFPS Delegates: Hossam Foda
Rhinoplasty: Shape or Function?
EAFPS Delegates: Fazıl Apaydın
Facial Reanimation What Can We Achieve in 2018
EAFPS Delegates: Callum Faris
EAFPS Delegates: Berke Özücer
Why Auricular Grafts in Rhinoplasty?
New Developments in The Treatment of The Crooked Nose.
EAFPS Delegates: Armando Boccieri
Rhinoplasty Animations
 Turkish - Spanish
 Turkish – Spanish

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