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The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS)

The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (formerly known as The Joseph Society and as the European Academy of Facial Surgery) was founded in 1977. Its purposes are to create a body of duly qualified surgeons who have had training and experience in plastic and/or reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. Its objectives are to stimulate study, research and scientific advancement in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery between all the specialties that have common interests. These specialties typically being oto-rhino-laryngology, maxillo-facial surgery, ophthalmology and general plastic surgery. The Academy is mainly for surgeons in Europe, although it does have some interested members from outside Europe.

The official language of the Academy is English. The Academy has been involved in the European Community in identifying facial plastic surgery as an entity and is active in promoting appropriate training schemes for trainees in the subspecialty of facial plastic surgery. There is a Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and as member of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS), we have a common certification process, based on and equal to the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) examination and rules for certification. Membership of the Academy is open to National Board registered surgeons specialized in the area of head, neck and cranio-facial surgery and to Registrars/Residents in training that have served 2 years in their specialist training post.

Applications need to be seconded by two Members of the Academy. The executive board decides whether the application for membership is accepted, and approval of the national delegates can be sought. Reduced membership fees are available for “Junior Members” (only for Residents in Training, letter of chair required) and “Senior Members” (retired Members). Subscriptions to Facial Plastic Surgery and/or Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine (FPSAM) are offered at special rates for all members of the EAFPS (These reductions have already a higher value than the whole membership fee!).

Internet presentation for internal communication among the members, information about educational opportunities and presentation of Facial Plastic Surgery and the EAFPS members to the public is fast developing.

EAFPS-Newsletter with information about our European Academy, with exchange of ideas and opinions and continuing education are distributed to all EAFPS members.

Meetings of the EAFPS are held once per year, for which separate but discounted registration fees have to be paid. Affiliated/Junior meetings are held in various parts of the world outside Europe. Affiliated/Junior Courses on facial plastic surgery are regularly held in different European countries.

Discounted registration fees are applied to all EAFPS Members.

  • So come and join our European community of highly educated Facial Plastic Surgeons !
  • Share surgical ideas and experiences on a high international level !
  • Become a member of our traditional “club of professional friends” !

Further information about the Academy is available at or through EAFPS Secretary:
Sofia McDaid
Nibelungenstr. 87 D-23562
Lübeck, Germany
Fax: 0049 451 50 41 124

Please Note:

Your membership will not be approved before the Membership Committee confirmations.

You will be redirected to the membership payment page (shop) after your form is submitted but please wait for approval.

After your membership confirmed/approved, please complete your membership payment to start your membership.

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